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7/25 - One More Night, The Phil Colins/Genesis Experience

July 25, 6:00pm show

At The Gaslight Music Hall

Tickets: $27, with discounts available for children, students, seniors, and members of the military and first responders.

Since their humble beginnings in 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona, "One More Night - The Phil Collins / Genesis Experience" has been on an incredible musical journey, and they are very excited to share it with you. They've had the privilege to perform at various venues, including Casinos, Performing Arts Theaters, and even some lively festivals. From the West Coast's California to the East Coast's New York, from the Northern charm of Washington State to the sunny embrace of Florida, and even crossing borders to Canada, the band has been fortunate to take the music of Phil Collins on the road and connect with audiences like you. One More Night's performances are a heartfelt homage to the exceptional songs of Phil Collins and Genesis. They bring you hybrid versions that capture the essence of the studio releases along with the magic of live renditions, creating an experience that's both familiar and fresh. Your presence makes their journey worthwhile, and they work hard to create memorable evenings together with their audiences!

  • If you order online, you must purchase the entire table. (No social seating at this time) For odd-numbered parties, groups, or to use a gift card or season pass, please call #520-529-1000.

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