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7/18 - Bottoms Up - Van Halen Tribute

July 18, 6:00pm show

At The Gaslight Music Hall

Tickets: $27, with discounts available for children, students, seniors, and members of the military and first responders.

"Bottoms Up" is the culmination of four powerhouse seasoned musicians bringing one of the most accurate shows and sound of the 1978 through 1984 Mighty Van Halen. If you were there and a fan, or maybe never got the chance to see the original Van Halen, this is your opportunity to relieve or make a new experience of an amazing time and era of music history. ( Nick Koclanis ) as Eddie Van Halen brings years of guitar virtuosity and stage presence mirroring with respect and admiration the sound, sight and essence of Eddie. ( Roddy Singer) as David Lee Roth is a living embodiment of what DLR brought to the show in physicality and attuned as the toastmaster general. ( Jon Scotellero ) as Michael Anthony brings the intensity of the thundering bass lines throughout the show and belts out the magical back up vocals in all the familiar places while throwing the look and vibe of Michael. ( Atomic Tommy Higgins ) as Alex Van Halen anchors the whole thing down driving the music right through the heart with tempo and passion that will leave you knowing you've just seen Bottoms Up as Van Halen!

  • If you order online, you must purchase the entire table. (No social seating at this time) For odd-numbered parties, groups, or to use a gift card or season pass, please call #520-529-1000.

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