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4/5 - The Woods on Tour

April 5, 6:00pm show

At The Gaslight Music Hall

Tickets: $27, with discounts available for children, students, seniors, and members of the military and first responders.

CLICK HERE to buy tickets.

The Woods are a true throwback to the songs and influences that initially inspired their varied musical pursuits, and they continually pay homage to the music that moves them through a style that is, at once, both familiar and progressive, newness and nostalgia in every song. The band's musical roots are steeped in the folk-revival era and classic rock of the 60's and 70's, and the fingerprints of those influences are unmistakable in both the melodic style and lyricism of his songs. Raquel Cole is a seasoned musician with her own successful career as a Canadian country solo artist. Leland Rooney is an inspired virtuoso whenever there is a guitar in his hands. However, it is the dynamic blend of vocal tones in the trio that are, perhaps, most compelling to listeners. Cole, Rooney, and O'Rourke each have their own strengths as vocalists--and the lyrics of their songs are both mesmeric and profound--but the convergence of their tones is absolute magic.

  • If you order online, you must purchase the entire table. (No social seating at this time) For odd-numbered parties, groups, or to use a gift card or season pass, please call #520-529-1000.

  • We do not require vaccines or masks at this time, but we do highly suggest the wearing of masks when not eating or drinking and when walking around the theater.

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